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In the shadow of Downtown Miami, Murgado Automotive Group has transformed in recent years from a neighborhood seller of new and used vehicles to a regional powerhouse representing the finest automobile brands in the world. Each day, our customers drive away from our dealerships in the safest, most dependable, and most luxurious new vehicles available from manufacturers including Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley, Buick, Cadillac, Ferrari, GMC, Honda, INFINITI, Maserati, Mazda, and Volkswagen.

Murgado Automotive Group radiates out from the flagship location in Miami, where generations of South Florida residents have purchased Honda, Buick, and GMC models in record numbers. Adjoining is Brickell Mazda, which along with Brickell Luxury Motors balances our footprint on 8th Street. Moving into the northern part of Miami-Dade, we find Ocean Cadillac, a longstanding brand in the area.

Up the coast, Murgado Automotive Group planted its flag in Stuart, Florida, and in a big way, originally with two flagship locations for Audi and INFINITI. Alfa Romeo and Maserati were recently added to the Stuart campus, increasing its reputation as an automotive retailing center in the region. Venturing into North Florida, we find the newest member of the Murgado Automotive family. Bentley Jacksonville is the first ultra-luxury dealership in North Florida, offering some of the finest vehicles the region has ever seen. The Jacksonville campus also includes a new Maserati store.

The dealership group recently expanded outside Florida as well, first with the acquisition of Honda and Volkswagen dealerships in Downtown Chicago and then with the addition of Ferrari, Bentley, and Maserati stores in Central New Jersey. Managed in partnership with automotive legend Roger Penske, the New Jersey campus marks a major milestone for Murgado Automotive as an ultra-luxury leader in the Northeast.

The foundation of Murgado Automotive Group will always be just down the street from Downtown Miami, but our impact on automotive retailing will continue to reach throughout the country.

Visit Murgado Automotive Group's website to learn more. 

Brickell Honda


Mario Murgado purchases flagging Brickell Honda and Brickell Pontiac GMC dealerships and quickly turns them around into top, national performers.

Today, the 8th Street campus includes Buick, Honda, GMC, Mazda, and Brickell Luxury Motors.

Audi Stuart


Murgado Automotive Group expands into Stuart, Florida, planting its flag in the wealthy enclave with two new luxury dealerships representing Audi and Infiniti.

Brickell Mazda


Murgado Automotive Group wins a Mazda franchise award at the 8th Street campus and purchases Ocean Cadillac in Miami Beach.


Murgado Automotive Group expands into Illinois with the purchase of Honda of Downtown Chicago and Volkswagen of Downtown Chicago.


Murgado Automotive Group breaks ground on Bentley Jacksonville, the dealership group's first ultra-luxury brand. The new Jacksonville campus will also feature a Maserati dealership.


Murgado Automotive Group acquires three flagship brands in Central New Jersey, including Bentley, Ferrari, and Maserati. The ultra-luxury dealerships serve Central New Jersey as well as bedroom communities of New York City.


Murgado Automotive Group launches their Jacksonville Auto Campus, bringing their total location count to 18, and expanding further into Florida, the state where Murgado Automotive Group began. Alfa Romeo and Maserati dealerships join the Stuart campus.


Ocean Cadillac's new facility opens with a new car showroom including virtual reality experiences, a Cadillac certified pre-owned showroom, and a state-of-the-art service center. It features Cadillac's newest dealership design aesthetic and a signature jewel box tower on the north side of the dealership.


Murgado Automotive Group acquires two additional stores to expand their presence near Chicago, IL. Both the Honda and Acura locations are exciting additions for the automotive group.


Volkswagen of Downtown Chicago will welcome guests into their newly redesigned showroom in 2023.


Murgado Automotive Group acquires the Motor Werks group expanding their Chicago IL presence even further. The Motor Werks group prides itself on their unique operating techniques, and we are excited to learn from their processes and grow our organization with the addition of this new venture.


Murgado Automotive Group's new Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM facility is scheduled to break ground in 2024.

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