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In the past few decades, academic business managers have written a great deal on the need for a new management paradigm. This comes in response to dramatic changes in the global business environment and the characteristics of developing businesses. Individuals who are embracing new approaches to structure, systems, strategies, resource allocations, and human resource policies are shaping that new management paradigm.

My approach to business has always been a combination of attitude and action. An acute awareness of customer satisfaction, the evaluation of profits and revenues, the understanding of market shares and capital investment and the importance of maintaining product quality and integrity. I concentrate on leveraging resources in order to achieve goals. I pursue a quest for new rules in a changing market. I believe in replacing competitive risk by ensuring a well-balanced and valid portfolio of advantages. An allegiance to intermediate term goals with all employees encouraged to invest in how these goals will be achieved, is a plan of action that inevitably succeeds.


My philosophies are direct: positive attitude, team development, and synergy within an organization that heightens the awareness of individuals and motivates them to act. Individuals should be aware that for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction, and therefore should take a proactive approach in anticipating those reactions. Proper benchmarks and constant evaluation of progress achieved help individuals to attain their goals.

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