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When you must, you will.


When there is nothing to fall back on, you can only move forward. It’s frightening when everything is on the line. It’s also exhilarating and motivating and compelling and empowering.


Commitment is not a halfway thing. Either you’re all the way in or you’re simply not going to be very effective. Choose your priorities thoughtfully, carefully, and sincerely. Then commit yourself fully to them. Real, solid, unwavering commitment brings the power of purpose to what you’re doing.


Be truly committed, and it happens. You can achieve whatever you imagine. Do it by jumping all the way in.




You can create results, or you can make excuses. It’s much more fun and fulfilling to create the results you have chosen to create.

The opportunities are always there. Your job is to seize them and work them into real, meaningful achievements. Always, there are challenges. And always, there are ways to successfully move through those challenges.

Whatever you can envision, you can achieve. Sure, there are plenty of excuses for not doing so, and yet there are also plenty of ways to make it happen. The purpose of your magnificent life is not to merely endure. There are wonderful, unique treasures that only you can create. Fulfillment of your authentic purpose is worth every effort. Never settle for less from yourself than the absolute best you can be.





Go ahead and accept the fact that the decisions you make will not always be perfect. Then, go ahead and decide.


Indecisiveness can create enormous spans of wasted time. Indecisiveness encourages procrastination and sows the seeds of despair. Gather the best information you can, and give it some honest, objective thought. Then, go ahead and decide which way to go. That way, you can spend your time actually getting it done. You can focus your energy and begin creating real results.

Sometimes you will have to change course because you failed to make the best decision. Nevertheless, occasionally having to change your approach is much better than being continually paralyzed by indecision. Is there something you have been putting off because you can’t decide what to do? Now is a great time to show confidence in your own reasoning power, and to go ahead and decide.

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