Success Transcends Brands in the Car Business

Success Transcends Brands

At Brickell Motors, we are very proud of our recent expansion adding Audi, Cadillac, Infiniti and Mazda stores in the past 24 months.  And it’s no secret among my family, friends, and business associates that for the past few years adding brands in the luxury category was another priority.  Now that we have had Audi and Infiniti in Stuart for nearly two years and Ocean Cadillac since September, I sometimes am asked what the difference is between selling a luxury car and a non-luxury car.

While there might be more marketing dollars spent nationally each year on the luxury category, and each brand has its own selling points, at Brickell Motors we have the same goals for all of our stores.  We want to create an unparalleled customer service experience whether our client is purchasing “reliable transportation” or their “dream” car.  And I say this because oftentimes they are the same thing.  If there is one thing I have learned in my 34 plus years in the car business, it is that every car purchase is significant to the buyer.  If you think back to your first car, whether it was grandma’s old clunker or a brand new sports car, it was a “dream” car to you because it represented both the privilege of ownership and the freedom of mobility.  Most of us will never forget our first car, not only because it marks one of life’s signature moments and milestones but also because we usually loved that car for what it meant – and we babied it and paid special attention to it.  It marked the start to our automobile enthusiasm and, consequently, our dream cars are every car we purchase.

At Brickell Motors, we are excited to deliver the feeling of owning a dream car to every client – regardless of brand, year or model-type; and each time you buy or lease a vehicle from us, we celebrate the occurrence of this repeating wonderful emotion.  We make dreams come true.

Here are few hallmarks of our dealerships which cross all brands.

Well-designed, spotless and comfortable locations
We keep our stores immaculate and we are proud of it.  Next to exceptional customer treatment, our showrooms sparkle.  When you walk in, we want you to feel like royalty. Again, it doesn’t matter which showroom you enter, whether it is a new vehicle or one of our pre-owned or our high-line luxury dealership, we maintain the highest level of cleanliness.  Your first impression is important to us.

And even though we also service vehicles, which involve work around grease and all manners of dirty fluids, we pride ourselves on spotless stores.  When we built our Audi and Infiniti dealerships in Stuart, we built floor to ceiling windows between the showroom and the service area. We didn’t need to hide our service area away from our pristine showroom because our service areas are kept spotless.  Our customers can stand in air conditioned comfort and be able to see their car being serviced in our impeccably clean service department.  I’ve had customers say to me that one could “eat off that floor.”  Of course, figuratively speaking, but I gladly accept the compliment.  We don’t allow the grunge often associated with an auto service shop in any of our dealerships.   They look nice, smell nice and are comfortable for our guests.  We learned a long time ago that simple things, like our dealership café, make a difference by enabling our guests to enjoy a cold drink on a hot day or an espresso in the afternoon.  Simple things like neat and spotless bathrooms make a difference and exemplify how our stores are designed for comfort.

Above all, be courteous
All of our employees must treat customers as if it was their mother walking in the door to buy a car.  Smiles, friendly greetings and helpfulness will always remain our standards in every store.  Our experienced professionals will provide quality care with unmatched customer satisfaction.  We never want someone waiting around looking for assistance in any of our dealerships.  We teach every employee that a sale cannot be lost by being courteous and helpful and we give our full attention and knowledge to our customers’ needs and desires.  We are also, considerate if a customer just wants to browse; we give them space but never before offering to help.

Service goes way beyond oil changes
Regardless of brand, every customer wants their buying experience and ongoing relationship with one of our dealerships to be seamless and easy.  Our key process is asking questions and anticipating customer needs. We realize that customers still have concerns when it comes to taking good care of their vehicles.  Young parents may have specific questions about safety features like car seat installation or air bags.  Senior clients may truly appreciate help with technological advancements like navigation or hands-free phones.  We want to leave a favorable impression on a customer every time they visit our dealership for service.  This means a clean car, serviced within an appropriate timeframe and with their needs at the forefront.

Add it up and you get a relationship
Our ultimate goal at every Brickell Motors dealership is to build relationships with our customers — eventually creating long-term, loyal clients.  Success transcends brands in the car business. We know that providing a clean, hospitable and customer-focused buying experience enables us to seamlessly offer a prospective customer along the sales continuum from prospect, to customer and eventually loyal client who will not only buy and service their cars with us but also refer their family and friends.  This is the ultimate hallmark of our company.

While we remain proud of our recent expansion into luxury automobiles, our commitment remains the same.  We are friendly, professional, experienced and able to provide each and every customer the high level service they deserve, regardless of their brand of choice.

Make it a Great Day!