Ocean Cadillac Joins the Brickell Motors Family



Welcome to the Family!

All of us in the Brickell Motors Automotive Group proudly welcome the addition of Ocean Cadillac. More than one of the world’s most celebrated brands, for more than a century Cadillac has demonstrated a fierce commitment to quality, unequalled luxury, as well as bold and dynamic styling innovations in recent years which are second to none in the industry.

Ocean Cadillac has been a trusted dealer in South Florida for many years, and we couldn’t be more proud – and more excited – by what the future holds for us together.

Yet, when a company like ours chooses to add a prestigious new dealership to our growing automotive group, we do so thoughtfully and responsibly.  It’s both an exciting opportunity but also one that presents a complex series of challenges.

We’re ready and more than up to the task, but as I sat down to write this post, considering just what that means became all the more clear and important.

There are universal truths that apply to most every industry, and when we first began working with Ocean Cadillac employees, we made them a promise as we moved forward to integrate them into our company.

I’m sharing the main points that I believe could apply to any business that makes a significant acquisition.

I’ve written before about how much the automotive business has been changed in recent years by technology, social media, and other operational factors that in many ways have redefined the way we do business today.

For all of that, what strikes me now is what hasn’t changed – and shouldn’t ever change.

The fact that underlying everything are people and how we treat them and work together.

So what follows has two objectives.

What they can expect from us, and what we expect from them.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed with us.

Inevitably, not everyone welcomes new ownership and new systems, but with remarkably few exceptions, most Ocean employees remain with us.  We respect their previous service, but looking ahead, every new employee joining our team can count upon a clean slate, and an honest and fair opportunity to make their mark with us.

Of course, there will be things that we do differently, and we ask for a fair and open-minded consideration of our new systems.  We believe, once understood and mastered, they will support and inspire our new team members to greater heights.

Thoughtful, responsive leadership through change.

We understand change isn’t easy, and transitions aren’t always smooth and uneventful. The fact that the acquisition of a new dealership represents a significant investment doesn’t diminish our responsibility to do everything in our power to remain sensitive to the needs of all of our employees.

We genuinely believe many of the changes will be changes for the better, but if we expect everyone’s open-minded best efforts, they in turn deserve communication that is open and ongoing from us.

They’ll get it.

Honest and Fair Expectations

We aren’t always going to agree, and understanding what that means is an important part of building our future together.  As in any family, it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to stand up and cheer every decision, or to celebrate each new system or process.

At times expectations may need to be adjusted from both sides, and at other times we may have to agree to disagree.

Throughout it all, our pledge is to respect every new team member and meet them half-way, enabling all of us to get to know each other, learn to trust each other, and ultimately to succeed together.

For more than two decades, our systems, and our business model, have propelled us to greater heights than we ever could have imagined.  I get up every day believing the best is still to come.

Initially, change may be a little awkward, but we will get through it together.  Our goal is that every new employee feel right at home because they are now part of our family.

Make it a Great Day!